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The Land Remembers-Signed by Ben Logan
The Land Remembers-Signed by Ben Logan
Item# 9780976145059

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The Land Remembers-Signed by Ben Logan
The story of a farm and its people, by Ben Logan. A classic American memoir about a boyhood on a hilltop farm in the 1930s. Afterword includes two never-before published chapters that bring the story full circle. ISBN 9780976145059

"What drew me so irresistibly through The Land Remembers?. . . You feel nostalgia when the details of the world are so precisely concrete and right that by the time the author tells you his own reactions to that world you feel you already know it just as well as he does. . . . It's not nostalgia for my own past the The Land Remembers makes me feel; it's nostalgia for a world he makes me wish I'd known."—The New York Times

"Reading Logan's memoir is like a refreshing vacation from the demands and problems of modern life. A book to be cherished and remembered."—Publisher's Weekly

"This is a book that encourages the reader to listen to his own thoughts.... Some collective memory that says that this is all familiar, that we ourselves have experienced it."—Time Magazine

Photo: Ben Logan, by Caroline Beckett